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SL500/HZ SL800/HZ
CNC Ultra-precision Surface Grinding Machine
The machine is a localization product of Germany high quality grinding machine. It adopts the wheel periphery to carry out the high precision grinding.
Technical parameters
Table working surface(L脳W)mm500脳200800脳400
Max. Grinding heightmm400500
Distance from wheel spindle axis to tableMax.mm500700
Table longitudinal travel (Max.)mm7601140
Table longitudinal speedmm/min0-30000
Table (saddle) cross travel (Max.)mm230410
Manual feed(electronic handwheel)Min. micro-feed脳1mm0.001
Min. micro-feed脳10mm0.01
Min. micro-feed脳100mm0.1
Wheelhead vertical feed speed(continuous)mm/min0-2000
Manual feed(electronic handwheel)Min. micro-feed脳1mm0.0010.001
Min. micro-feed脳10mm0.010.01
Min. micro-feed脳100mm0.10.1
Grinding wheelODmm300400
Grinding Wheel motorPowerkw7.5
Cross feed motorPowerkw2.29
Wheelhead elevating speedPowerkw2.29
Total powerkw25
Magnetic chuck (L脳W)mm500脳200800脳400
working accuracyParallelismmm300:0.003
Surface roughness碌mRa 0.16
Max. workpiece loading(with magnetic chuck)kg500800
Overall dimension(L脳W脳H)mm3100脳2250脳25703500脳2450脳2570
Machine net weightkg31004500
Because of the high hardness and brittleness of optical glass, it is easy to produce surface defects and sub surface damage in the process of processing, which is a typical difficult to process material. Its ultra smooth surface forming technology and high efficiency and low cost processing technology have become an important research topic in the fields of national defense technology, aerospace, electronic information and so on. For optical glass and other hard and brittle materials, ultra precision grinding technology is the best way to achieve ultra smooth surface. Therefore, the United States, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and other industrial developed countries are very active in the research of ultra precision grinding technology of optical glass and other hard and brittle materials. They have developed advanced high-precision and high rigidity grinding machines for the research of ultra precision processing technology of hard and brittle materials, and relevant research results have been applied to the field of national defense and civil industry. In recent years, the research on ultra precision grinding equipment and technology of hard and brittle materials such as optical glass has been listed as the key research content.
H402-az CNC special plane grinding machine is the product of "super precision large size optical glass plane grinding machine" which is a major scientific and technological subject of "high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment". It is a super precision large size plane grinding machine specially developed for the processing needs of large size optical glass parts, such as laser (neodymium) glass, fused quartz, etc The key technology of design and manufacture provides the basis for ultra precision grinding technology of optical glass material and its application in production.China High-precision Grinding Machine

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