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Should your baby's clothes be washed with adults? How to wash? For many parents, this is a headache.

As we all know, adults are exposed to more bacteria, and the baby's skin is delicate. Because many babies have the habit of biting clothes, regardless of skin contact or mouth, it is easy for children to suffer from pathogens. Cleaning the clothes, if you don't pay attention, will cause cross infection between the clothes.

With the liberalization of the comprehensive second-child policy and the deepening of China's social consumption upgrade, the market demand has become more and more detailed. Galanz has launched a 3 kg automatic mini drum washing machine for the health needs of pregnant women, babies, women and other users. .

Studies have shown that the long-term mixing of inner and outer garments, the total incidence of E. coli groups will be as high as 100%. In antibacterial sterilization, this mini washing machine introduces silver ion sterilization technology, which is surrounded by Ag+ (silver ion) and decomposes bacteria, while suppressing the odorwashing machine wash motor wholesaers  generated during indoor drying and wearing, and the sterilization is more efficient and lasting.

All the parts of the clothes hide a lot of tiny flora, which is also the key to the lack of cleanliness. The washing machine uses a purely physicalWashing Machine AC Motor Factory  method of high-temperature cooking to clean the clothes, and does not use chemical fungicides, which is safer and healthier.

In addition, the washing machine uses automatic washing with high temperature and strong water flow to remove detergent and stain residue, and avoid secondary pollution caused by dirty inner cylinder. It also uses the latest safety antibacterial door seals with an antibacterial rate of up to 99%.

In recent years, more and more "two children" have been born, and the health needs of special groups such as pregnant women and children have become stronger. According to the monitoring data of Zhongyikang, the mini-washing machine has grown significantly on the online market in the past two years. In 2017, the retail volume increased by 71.9% year-on-year. On this basis, the retail volume in January-April 2018 increased by 56.9% year-on-year; Washing machines have also become the growth star of more and more business opportunities.

The mini-washing machine launched by “National Appliances” Galanz accurately understands the needs of such special user groups, and carries out targeted research and development upgrades for users' pain points, providing care services with higher-end and more professional products to more green and healthy products. Give consumers a better life experience.

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